As Funerals begin for heartbroken Newtown  - The Young Roses Talk Back

A Tribute by Rabbi Anchelle Perl - Chabad of Mineola NYthe roses.jpg

            A friend recently told me that he’s been thinking about his “legacy.” Now in his mid-50s, he is haunted by one overriding question that he cannot ignore: How will I truly impact this world?

            For perspectives on the meaning of life, think of the young lives of the 20 children and six adults killed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

            In fact, listen in closely to the conversation taking place right now in the Heavenly portion above Newtown Connecticut.

            “………… The man sweeping the synagogue paused for a moment.  He looked at the flowers lying about in disorder.  “What waste!”  he said to himself.  Those roses had adorned the pulpit at a wedding an hour before.  Now all was over and they were waiting to be discarded.

            The attendant leaning on his sweeper was lost in thought when suddenly he heard a strange sound.  One of the roses replied to him.

            “Do you call this waste?” the flower protested.  “What is life anyway, yours or mine, but a means of service?  My mission was to create some fragrance and beauty, and as I have fulfilled it, my life has not been wasted.  What greater privilege is there than to adorn a bride’s way to her beloved; what greater privilege than to help glorify the moment when a bride and groom seal their faith in each other by entering the covenant of marriage?”

            The little flower paused for a moment to watch the man’s face and then continued her discourse.

            “Roses are like people.  They live in deeds, not in time.  My glory was brief, only an hour, but you should have seen the joy in the bride’s face.  I like to believe that I had something to do with it by creating a suitable setting for the moment of her happiness.  So don’t grieve for me.  My life has been worthwhile………….”

            The Young Roses of Newtown Connecticut were here for a while, but their message will be with us for a lifetime!