This is our Chanukah Telethon Challenge to You!

We want to help you publicize a personal miracle that happened to you!

Do you want to appear on our Chanukah Telethon on Sun Dec 9 out on Long Island? Or be Skyped in Live by phone from your home anywhere in the world? Read on....

Chanukah is a holiday of Miracles so please share with us your own Personal Life's Miracle that has happened in your life.

You can submit your entry by emailing it to us at



To be considered please include your full name and address so we can contact you directly.

There are no costs or fees. Please be as brief as possible.

All entries will be read and placed in a lottery and the first four people drawn will be invited to make a cameo appearance or Skyped in Live on the Telethon to share their Personal Life's Miracle with more than 5 million people!.

We are going to choose 4 entries. For more details on the chanukah telethon visit