4neverlosehope_20101013_221420.jpgChile's Miners  Breath New Life into a Fractured World

All too often, the news is a depressing drumbeat of what went wrong: joblessness, war, flooding, murder and the cantankerous political climate.

So the hourly miracles broadcast Wednesday to a transfixed world, as the trapped miners in Chile emerged one by one from nearly a half mile under the earth's surface, provided both a welcome respite and an inspiring reaffirmation of man's ability to persevere under extraordinary circumstances.

When the World Unites for Good

Experts came from around the world – survivalists, dieticians, psychologists, specialists from NASA, and drilling experts from a dozen countries.

The meticulously planned rescue was truly an international effort. A U.S. company supplied the drilling technology that broke through to the miners first. An Austrian company made the capsule's winch-and-pulley system.

Now is a moment to feel good about something.  A moment to feel good about our species.  A moment to celebrate the triumph of the human spirit, kindred friendship and the results of goodness a kindness!

When Heaven & Earth Connect

The NASA space agency drew on its extensive experience working with astronauts in Space to help in the rescue of the Miracle Miners.  

Their knowledge of how people learn to live, work, and survive in the hostile environment of space, the technical and engineering experience in spacecraft design, all proved to be invaluable in the liberation of the miners from the depth of the earth.  

Sounding the Shofar of Redemption

The Chilean Health Minister Jaime Manalich announced that each time a miner comes out, a siren will sound, as if to herald the arrival of a moment as joyous as a baby’s entrance into the world.

Why does this story have the whole world riveted?

It is because deep down, we all appreciate the tremendous value of life. Each individual is precious and beloved, an incredible reflection of G‑d.

And that is why the Chilean government used every resource to save the miners. Nobody questions the decision to spend untold millions to rescue the 33 men.

If we share the joy over the rescue of these 33 miners in Chile, then let's strive to feel that same joy over the 6 billion others with whom we share the planet.

The Joy of Life

The miners’ rescue helps raise another question: Do we feel enormous joy over the very fact we are alive?

If G‑d came to a dead man and said, "Rise from the grave and rejoice," imagine the colossal joy he would feel. Every moment with his family, every bird chirping, every breath is another gift!

We should strive for that same feeling all the time. Every morning when we get out of bed, we should thank the Almighty and feel the spectacular joy of being alive!

In a desolate patch of Chilean desert dubbed Camp Hope, all of humanity was sent a clear message: Human life is infinitely precious. Every life, every moment.