Smile on Seniors
Brightening the Spirits of Senior Citizens without family, in hospitals and nursing homes
Taste of Shabbat
Weekly delivery of 2 Challahs and a bottle of Grape Juice to men and women in
Shut-ins, Group Homes, Drug Rehab and Jail
Bar/ Bat Mitzvah for the Unafiliated
Providing Our youth the life time chance to have a Bar/ Bat Mitzvah even though
they don't belong to a Synagogue
Chanukah Telethon
The Telethon is directed is Rabbi Anchelle Perl, Spiritual Leader of Congregation
Beth Sholom Chabad of Mineola. Rabbi Perl is well known to people of all faiths in
this region; as a religious leader and philosopher, and as a philanthropic go-getter
for the organization he directs, the National Committee for Furtherance of Jewish
Education (NCFJE).
The Jack Soshnick Hebrew School for the Unaffiliated
Hundreds of Jewish children grades 1-6 learn of their education at Hebrew Schools
Drug and AIDS Prevention Outreach
Prevention Resources, Intervention and Drug Education, Weekly visits to Jewish
youth in Drug Rehabs, Compassionate Outreach to those with AIDS
Domestic Violence Crisis Intervention
No cost, confidential & broad range of social service prevention measures for those
in high risk
Runaway Youth Rehabilitation
For families with children straying from Morality and Religion
The Women’s Academy for Jewish Studies
Formal Study and Exploration of Judaism for those with minimal or no background
in Jewish Studies