Keep Israel in Your Mind When Kissing the MezuzahLcDG553928.gif

Just as a Mezuzah marks the entrance demarcations of our homes, it also remind us to pray to Hashem to help Israel keep protected with strong and secure borders.

Abarbanel writes that there are gates and doorposts that belong to an individual; these are parts of his home. There are also gates and doorposts that belong to a nation; these are of its national Homeland. The mezuzah is to remind us of the gift of the Land of Israel, the Jewish national Homeland.

We look upon the mezuzah as the national flag of the Jewish people. Wherever we go, we display with pride the mezuzoth on our doors as our national banner, as the symbol of our allegiance to G‑d, to the land of Israel, to the ideals of the Torah.

What happens when we kiss mezuzahs?

The sages instructed that when touching the mezuzah, specifically the three-lettered name of God – SHA-Dai – that is written on the outside of the parchment, should be touched, and then the finger which touched this holy name should be kissed.

What is it about this name Sha-dai that affords protection and gives us strength when facing the world? The name Sha-dai is actually an acronym for shomer dalatot Yisrael – ‘protector of the doors of Israel’

This name of God is associated with the ability to control nature or harness instinct.

The Talmud explains that this name is intertwined with the very basic processes of creation: Prior to the moment of Creation, there was nothing. The act of Creation was an act of expansion, which progressed until the point that God said to nature, "dai" – "enough," desist from expanding. This name, then, is associated with the ability to control nature and maintain strong borders.

Just as G‑d harnesses nature, creating boundaries so can man harness his own nature, draw lines within which he can realize his potential.

Its not merely reaching out one’s hand to the doorpost; it is knowing how and when to say "enough" – dai, of practicing self-control. The restraint that we learn from the very act of Creation is a guiding principle for our lives, an organizing principle that can help us perfect all our relationships on every level!

Am Yisroel Chai!!