Rabbi Confirms: Washington Shutdown won’t stop Passover Plans

While Federal officials are preparing for a possible shutdown if a budget agreement isn't reached, Rabbis across the USA are reassuring their congregations that all Passover preparations are to continue in full swing with all Seders anticipated to begin on time Passover Eve, Monday evening April 18th.

Yet we must start worrying!  Details to follow!

Confronting the prospect of failure in last-ditch budget talks in Washington DC, Rabbi Anchelle Perl of Long Island has nevertheless announced his own backup contingency plans for this Shabbos weekend.

This is essential from a “good jewish perspective” said Rabbi Perl in good humor, “for there is an ongoing reality in Jewish life, “there always something to worry about, even when don't yet know the details, we are called upon to get into the worrying mode!”

To help allay any fear and concern if the Government Shutdown kicks-in, we share the following details:

The Chabad Shul in Mineola will remain open, despite any closures in the Federal Government.

In solidarity with possible furlough of 800,000 federal workers, extra meat will be served in the Cholent.

The Sermon will address praying for the welfare of the Government with an added Mi-Sheberach for Refua Shelemah, prayers for a speedy recovery to all, will also be added from the Bimah.

At this time there is no reason to say an extra Kaddish, or memorial prayer, concludes Rabbi Perl, for there is a great Jewish expression, ‘Tracht Gut Vet Zain Gut,!  - Think good and it will be good,’ all will work out for the best as we all look forward to good news in Washington, around the world and in all areas of our life.

G‑d Bless America!