A Jewish reflection on the Royal Wedding 2011 Prince William marries commoner Kate Middleton

If Kate Middleton’s a commoner there must be hope. The Hebrew word for family tree and distinguished birth is yichus. It refers to genealogy or pedigree but in common usage it connotes distinguished family and forbears.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe Says: You don't have to come from somebody to be somebody!

A couple once sought the Rebbe's advice. Someone had suggested a young man as a match for their daughter, but they hesitated to go ahead with it because while they stemmed from very distinguishable lineage, the young man did not.

Was this a valid reservation or not, they asked.

The Rebbe responded: "You would surely not have refused to take Abraham as a son-in-law, even though his father, Terah, worshipped idols…"

You don't have to come from somebody to be somebody!

On second thoughts we all really have a distinguished background

A prominent businessman and longtime supporter of Chabad started a beginners' service at his congregation. He proudly reported on his initiative to the Rebbe. But when he told the Rebbe that he had arranged services for 130 Jews with no Jewish background, the Rebbe's smile vanished.

"What?" the Rebbe asked looking hurt, "No Jewish background?"

"Go back and tell them they have a background. They are the children of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sara, Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah." The Rebbe's smile then returned.

And what of one blessed to be born into privilege and status?

One Sunday, the mayor of Haifa passed by the Rebbe for "dollars." He mentioned that he was a descendant of illustrious Chassidim. The Rebbe responded with a smile, "It's not enough just to be a 'descendant'; one should strive to be a living example!"

What's in It for Me?

We were all created equal, no one more equal than the next. We are all G‑d's children. Let's work on seeing things the same way.