I want my father!! 

A father requested a meeting with me, during which he unraveled the following tragic story.

He was married, with a teen-age son in the house. Yet he grew bored from his wife, he fell in love with another woman, and ultimately divorced his wife.

After the divorce, the boy remained with his father in home and treated the new woman who would come visit his father often, very disrespectfully, blaming her for the destruction of the family unit. The kid, for good reason, spoke very obnoxiously to her

When the father proposed to her to get married, she made a condition. She would not marry him unless his teen age son would move out of their home in Bal Harbor, Florida. She does not want to see the face of that boy again.

The father, who is extremely wealthy, called in his child. He handed him an envelope with $20,000 cash; gave him the keys to a new Ferrari; gave him a few credit cards for use, to be paid for each month by the father, and finally, he gave him keys to a beautiful flat on the ocean. The father than silently added one stipulation: Son, all of this is yours, take it and enjoy; but you can’t step foot into this house any more… if you need me, give me a call, and I will come visit you.

The boy took the cash, the credit cards, the keys, and threw them back at his father, and said:

“I don’t want your money, your car, your houses, your richness. All I want is a FATHER!”