Is this the Jewish Nachas you wish to Urn from your children? The Tragedy of the Cremation of Amy Winehouse urn3.JPG

Tragic singer Amy Winehouse has been cremated following an emotional funeral service in London on Tuesday July 26. Following the service, Winehouse's body was transferred to nearby Golders Green Crematorium for cremation.

With an 'Urn' under his arm, the jar-like utensil used to bury human ashes, Rabbi Anchelle Perl, hopes to stop the rise of cremations in the Jewish community. "Sadly after the cremation of Amy Winehouse we are once again reminded that parents must include in the Jewish education of their children," says Rabbi Perl, "the importance of why cremations are against Jewish law."

Using a little humor and information, Rabbi Perl has launched a campaign to spread the word on why cremation is not a choice in Jewish life.

"Cremation puts the traditional Jewish burial in grave danger", smiles Rabbi Perl. "I have recently received too many calls to help stop a cremation," explains the Rabbi, "for me not to be inspired and spurred to go on the road to bring awareness on this troubling and down to earth matter."

"Using the power of the Internet, talking to colleagues and friends, plus an informal survey of Jewish funeral homes, I was alarmed to find a growing number of Jewish families opting to cremate the remains of their loved ones."

The choice by many to cremate is mostly for lack of understanding & knowledge. What happens to the soul after death makes all the difference in burial decisions. To be buried gives truth to our belief that the life of a person does not end. Life is eternal. Burial purifies the body in preparation for its ultimate return at the time of the Revival of the Dead.

According to Jewish law, if a person insists that he not be buried, we may not listen to him. The body & the soul are partners forever. The body remains the eternal vessel for the soul, to be rewarded for providing the soul with the passion and intensity in fulfilling life's purpose.

"To cremate or not cremate is not a question," says Perl, who is inviting individuals & community leaders to join in this effort to highlight focus on this vital Jewish issue.

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