What would Aaron the High Priest [Moses brother] say to the Beit Shemesh Shandah: Smiles not Spit!

The Talmud in Tractate Nidarim tells us that when Aaron Ha'Kohen passed away everyone cried because he was involved with shalom bais- as it is stated in the verse, "Aaron loved peace and he pursued peace."

The Talmud states that if a husband makes a vow that his wife cannot benefit from him in anyway unless she spits in the High Priest's eye it is a valid vow and the marriage is finished.

Aaron Ha'Kohen pursed peace to such a degree that if he was made aware of such a vow, he would  approach the man's wife and tell her that she should spit in his eye because the doctor said that it was the only way he could get cured from his eye ailment. This would have restored the marriage.

He was a peacemaker who was beloved by everyone. Aharon would greet everyone with a smile. He did not spit or throw stones.

He brought peace not through anger or disgust, but with Shalom. That is why he was so successful!