What:  “Moment of Silence” Speak Out! on steps of Synagogue

When:This Wednesday July 25, 2012 1pm-1:15pm

Where: Congregation Beth Sholom Chabad      261 Willis Ave, Mineola NY 11501

 Why: To remember the victims of terror and murder

12 Victims of Colorado Movie Massacre

6 Victims of Bulgaria Attack

Also the 11 Israeli Athletes murdered 40 yrs ago at the Munich Olympics

 Contact:  Rabbi Anchelle Perl, 516-739-3636, Email: [email protected] 

  This coming Wednesday July 24th at 1pm the community will gather on the steps of Congregation Beth Sholom Chabad in Mineola NY, for a special “Moment of Silence” Memorial Assembly, to honor the beloved souls of those who have lost their lives most recently, to senseless terror and murder both here in the USA and around the world.

Following the reading of all the victims names, memorial Candles will be light for each of those who lost their lives at the Colorado Movie Massacre & the victims of Bulgaria Terrorist Attack. Being so close to the opening of the London Olympics, we have also chosen to include recognition of the 11 Israeli Athletes murdered 40 yrs ago at the Munich Olympics.

 “We will gather to mark these painful events,” says Rabbi Perl, “For each loss has created a painful void for family, friends and the nation. We must stand as one-in our grief, for after all, our country, our value system, is under attack. We must not falter in the defense of what we aspire to-freedom, human dignity and mutual respect.

 “We must turn tragedy into triumph.  We cannot allow those who would destroy us to be successful,” notes Perl. “Let each one of us find ways to add in positive acts of goodness and kindness, of charity and prayer.”

 G‑d Bless America!!

 Rabbi Anchelle Perl is the spiritual leader of the Congregation Chabad of Mineola NY