The Rebbe Advice to the the African-American. A Beautiful Story of the Lubavitcher Rebbe

A Chabad couple from Miami Beach went to see a therapist about one of their children, the therapist - an African American woman had a picture of the Rebbe prominently displayed on her wall, when they finish their session they asked about the picture......,

She went on to tell them that she is a crown heights girl and married a prominent attorney and that they lived across the street from the Rebbe, the Rebbe would wave his hand on greeting whenever he would see them, but that read the extent of their contact, then one day her husband suddenly died. 

The Rebbe was leaving his house just as the funeral procession was leaving her house, the Rebbe waited approximately 10 minutes for the funeral procession. A few weeks later, as she was in front of her house, the Rebbe went across the street, expressed his condolences and asked her how she was doing, she said it still very fresh very painful, the Rebbe than asked; with your permission, may I give you some advice? 

Of course she said yes, the Rebbe told her that she should sell her house and move to a new place like "Miami Beach" and reconnect with her faith, and start fresh....., A few months later she decided to "take the Rebbe's advice. She sold her house and bought a house in Miami Beach, her first Sunday at church the pastor introduced her to a recently widowed doctor whim she went in to marry........ ;) 

So she says to this Chabad couple; THE PICTURE ON THE WALL IS OF THE REBBE - BUT ALSO MY "SHADCHAN" (translation: matchmaker)