After two weeks in your Hebrew School my son knows more than he learned in his entire Hebrew School education! His joy and excitement for Judaism is so apparent. I am amazed at how much knowledge you can impart in such a short lesson. Thank you for bringing the joys of Judaism alive for my son. 

~ Mark A.

I also love the idea of being involved with what they are learning. I am so impressed with your program. Not only do they love it – they are learning so much. Thank you. I am so grateful that we made this decision to have them be part of Chabad.

~ Karin W.

The boys LOVED it…!!!! I cannot believe how much they learned in one day..!! I am so excited for them.

~ K.W.

I just wanted to let you know that my children had a fabulous time at Hebrew School. They came home with all smiles and told me everything they learned that day… Thank you for everything.

~ Debbie

My son really enjoys Hebrew School. He looks forward to doing his Hebrew School homework with gusto. (If only he was so enthusiastic about his regular homework :-) Sometimes we have to bribe him — "Do your math homework and then you can do your Hebrew School homework!" His excitement is a true testament to your program.

~ Inna L.

I think Sunday went well, and hope you feel proud about it... I truly think you had a great group of teachers this year and am hopeful for next year. 

Best wishes, 


Did you read the article in the Boston Globe the other day? It was about how bored kids are of Hebrew School, lower enrollments etc. and how Temples are trying to change their curriculum to keep kids interested. I am so thankful we’re with Chabad because I don’t see any boredom at all. The kids love going!! 


Our house smells delicious—the smell of baking bread is probably one of the most wonderful smells ever!! My child is very excited to share the challah with the family tomorrow night for the holiday.

~E. T. 

The kids had a great time yesterday at Hebrew School - My child even asked if he could go every day! 


Thank you again for another great experience. My child was so excited leaving yesterday that she completed four pages of her workbook on the drive to her cousin's house. When she saw her family she was very excited to share what she learned, show them the backpack and the tokens she was awarded.

We are thrilled that she is enjoying it. You have done a fabulous job creating a fun learning environment. 

Thank you so much.