County Executive Has a ‘Shofar Blast’ With Nassau Chabad Rabbis  

CE2010 Disc 95 217 copy.jpgCounty Executive Edward P. Mangano welcomed a group of the Chabad Shluchim to Nassau County. Mr Mangano expressed his best wishes to community for the New Year and showed particular great interest in the ongoing programs and ever expanding Chabad Centers around the County.

The VIP Meeting at the executive offices included an in-depth discussion on the meanings of the Shofar and dipping of apple into honey.

He was pleasantly surprised to learn that we cut the apple horizontally across the middle to expose the 10 green points around the star like center. The ten dots represent the 10 commandments; we now proceed to dip this apple in honey, with fervent hope that our new year is sweetened with our commitment and observance of Mitzvos and acts of goodness and kindness.

The Chabad Rabbis presented the County Executive with a gift of the bestselling book, ‘Towards a Meaningful Life’ the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe edited by Simon Jacobson.

Expressing his appreciation he insisted that all the Rabbis  immediately autograph his new book.

Sharing in the tastes of the High Holidays, Ed Mangano was very excited to receive his Honey-Cake Lekach saying this was a good sign from G‑d he won’t have to beg too hard to get his budget passed!

Joining the Shluchim in Shofar Blast was the head of the Nassau County Police, Commissioner Lawrence Mulvey.

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Shofar Blowing Picture  

 L-R Rabbis Yona Edelkopf, Yossi Liberman, Levi Gurkov, Sholom Paltiel, Zalman Wolowick, County Executive Ed Mangano, Anchelle Perl, Mendel Heber, Eli Goodman, Police Commissioner Lawrence Mulvey