Have you been wondering how to celebrate the Royal Wedding in a kosher way?

This is the authorized order of the day, as laid out by the Chief Rabbi of Mineola NY

(Dedicated in honor of our good friend Bernie Neumark, a tireless Jewish leader of all worthy causes) 

Section A: Tefilla

1. One should dress in one's finest clothes fitting to meet the Queen.

2. The congregation will join in with the Chazan who will begin the service with Adon Olam to the tune of ˜God Save the Queen”

3. The Kedusha should be should be sung to the tune of 'Rule Britannia'.

4. Hallel is said without a brocha.

5. Tachanun is not recited.

6. A special reading of the Haftorah is from Shmuel 11:1-12:25, which contains the episode of David and Batsheva. Brachot should not be recited.

Section B: Minhagei HaYom

1. Women, slaves and children are obligated to celebrate the Royal Wedding with a festive meal.

2. A festive meal should take place before Chatzot in a public location, preferably a street, because of pirsumei nisuin (publicizing the wedding).

3. Bdieved, if one does not have nice neighbors, one can have a meal in ones garden.

4. If the weather is inclement, the meal can be held indoors. The same rules apply here as for eating in a Succah.

5. Hamotzi should be recited at the start of the meal.

6. Bentsching should be made over a cup of wine, followed by Sheva Toasts. This consists of making the bracha ˜Borei Pri HaGafen” followed by six toasts to the following recipients: Prince William, Princess Catherine, Queen Elizabeth, Phillip Duke of Edinburgh, Charles Prince of Wales and all the Royal Family.

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