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How can we possibly transform Leiby’s gruesome death into a positive force? Where did the unspeakable damage take place in Leiby’s case? In the unforgivable snuffing out of a pure and innocent child’s life. The healing and redemption must therefore come through its diametric opposite: saving our children.

Leiby’s death was the epitome of betrayal - a defenseless child left to the wolves. And the horrific manner of his death, only amplifies the betrayal.

Leiby’s death should wake us up that enough is enough. Enough of adults indulging in their own needs, leaving children vulnerable, victims in their wake, undefended and unprotected. We must once and for all declare war against any form of child abuse, child neglect, child molestation.

Together we must fight for loving our children. For cherishing our children. For hugging and kissing them a million times a day. For making sure that wherever they go – to school, to camp, for a walk on the street – they are absolutely safe and cared for, protected against any predator, abuser or molester.

Our Parting Words to Leiby

Let us be able to look into the eyes of Leiby’s soul and tell him: Your death will be avenged. Your death was not in vain. Your death was the final nail in the coffin of child neglect and child abuse. Your death has mobilized us all in a war – the final war – against anyone and anything that will ever hurt a child again. Your death was the beginning of a new era that will, at long last, finally abolish from this earth even one hurting child!

Nothing less will do.  Nothing else will suffice.

G‑d, our Father in Heaven, we are ready to do our part. We beseech you, please do Yours. Comfort us all among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem. And above all, help us eradicate all form of hurt and abuse from the face of this earth.