High-Holiday-Ad-2014.JPGA PRAYER

Dear G‑d,

On the eve of the New Year, before the days of Judgment, I pray you judge us kindly.

When a Jew says, "I wish I were a better Jew" know that she means it. 

If a Jew says, "I don't believe", know that he doesn't mean it. 

Know that when a Jew goes that extra mile, he's doing it for Your sake alone. 

If there are Jews that say, "I can't be bothered with a Mitzvah" Know that they are not to blame and that it's not their true self. 

Know that every Jew is like rich soil, the deeper you dig, the more treasures you find. 

See the Jew in every Jew.

See our faults as superficial. 

See our Love as real.

See only our good, and overlook the Bad. For better or for worse, we are Your Children. 

Please know this about every Jew, and, dear G‑d, help me know it too...

Our Father, Our King, please remember the Israeli soldiers and inscribe them in the book of life and grant them a Sweet & Good New Year!

your Humble Servant Rabbi Anchelle Perl